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1 millionsquare meters

1.000.000 sq.m

Its one-million sq.m. surface (half of it inside buildings of some sort) makes CIS the biggest facility for non-food products. It is the largest European facility of this kind and offers the highest number of services. For over 20 years it has been a landmark for traders in Europe.

8commercial blocks

8 blocks for commerce

In these 8 blocks 300 companies are actively working: the large buildings, the many services offered and the large parking area reserved for customers help them with their business.


300 companies

This remarkable facility for commercial distribution is expanding and the 300 companies offer previews of the new items to be launched on the market. Go to CIS to find the best selection and create a mix to satisfy all demands. Cis offers unique opportunities, nationally and internationally, thanks to innovation and the constant search for new ideas.

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